God has not forgotten you

Can I be honest today? 

I remember feeling like I was forgotten by God. I remember feeling hopeless, purposeless, unsuccessful, beaten up by the devil and the things of this world. I felt like God forgot about me I felt left out. I remember asking God “Why did you create me? Why is my life so hard? ” I told God “You don’t even hear me, I pray, I worship, I try to live right why aren’t you speaking to me I feel like you don’t love me or care about me”. I remember feeling so low and in that moment God spoke to me not like “HEY MY CHILD… (in that big voice that they do in movies)” HA! No way he spoke to me in a small still voice telling me to read Mark 5.

Let’s talk about this chapter!

There were three different people in this chapter with three different problems who felt forgotten but while still feeling hopeless two of them had faith and one didn’t.  

 Let’s break it down now (insert cheerleader moves here lol) 

 At the beginning of the chapter there was a demon possessed man who the world basically wrote off. They tried their best to bind him the scripture says but nobody could chain him or help him.  Iyanla couldn’t even “fix his life” (No shade to her) seriously though, this man was really experiencing pain. The man saw Jesus from afar dropped to his knees then did what a lot of us do while going through trials and tribulations he questioned Jesus. Shouting “What do you want from me Jesus” basically meaning why am I going through this? How long will I have to go through this? what did I do to deserve this ( whining and crying to God like us keep it real). Jesus could have turned him away or even went back and forth with him. Instead he commanded the unclean spirit to come out of him “For Jesus had said to him, Come out of this man, you impure spirit” Mark 5:8. That man showed a lot faith in God because he saw Jesus from far away while filled with hopelessness he still knew to go to him for help knowing that he would be healed through Christ. God told us the weapons would form which in his case was feelings of fear, discouragement, & hopelessness but these weapons don’t have to prosper.  Isaiah 54:17 

Feelings aren’t facts!

Let’s move further down the chapter of Mark to verses 21-43 where Jesus meets Jarius. Jarius has a daughter who is very sick, she was actually dying. So Jesus went with Jarius to heal his daughter. As they were on their Journey a large crowd followed them. A woman who had been bleeding for twelve years was among the crowd heard of Jesus and all that he could do. She came up behind him and touched the hem of his garment, Jesus said immediately “who touched me”? 

Do you all know what a hem is? 

A hem is the edge of a piece of cloth or clothing that has been turned under and sewn. Here is an example of a hem in the picture below. 

That alone showed how big the woman faith was in Jesus because she knew if she could just touch a piece of his clothing she would be healed. Guess what? she was healed from her issue of blood because of her faith in God. You know what else this shows you? God has not forgotten about you either. Through an incredibly large crowd Jesus felt her touch his thread, he felt her because she believed in him. 

What makes you any less? Where is your faith?

Now by this time Jarius became impatient with Jesus. He felt like God was taking to long when he was talking to the woman and people (how many of us have been there I know I have). His faith completely left when he received the message that his daughter was dead. He started to tell the others  “Why bother the teacher (Jesus) anymore” meaning just forget it she’s already dead there’s nothing he could do now. Jesus stopped in mid sentence, turned to Jarius and let him know “Don’t be afraid just believe”. Jesus entered the home where the daughter was laying “dead” there he saw people crying and wailing over her. Jesus said “why all this commotion the child isn’t dead she’s just asleep”. He took only the mother and father(Jarius) with him to show them what believing in him will do he commanded the little girl to get up and she stood straight up. 

Moral of the story is even when you don’t believe or you feel like your situation is dead think of Mark 5. Jesus healed 3 different people in one day. He even reassured the unbelievers. Mark chapter 5 teaches us a lesson on faith in God. Nothing is impossible with Christ. 

Never feel forgotten Jesus is always there with us even in our time of trouble as long as you believe, have faith, and never doubt he’ll come through for you. 

Sing it with me 

šŸŽ¶He may not come when you want him but he’ll be there right on time. He’s an on time God yes he is….šŸŽ¶

Love you all I hope you were blessed by this šŸ˜˜


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