Has Jesus become a “cliché”?

In the definition you see that a cliché is basically a quote or a phrase that’s been overused. In my own words something that’s not taken to seriously because it’s just an “old wives tale”. It’s just an old saying what’s the big deal about it. 

Let talk about the problem with clichés.

They express the meaning but they leave you nothing they’re basically just words. clichés once was a good thing. Something that gave you life but then clichés became overused which took the life out of the picture it once expressed so well. The visual meaning started to fade over a course of time. 

So How has Jesus became a cliché?

We have overused scriptures like “faith without works is dead”, “submit to the lord and the devil will flee”, “Every knee shall bow”, “by his stripes we are healed”, and the greatest scripture John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”


We are saying these scriptures but yet still committing spiritual adultery. How? You say, because we are not fully committed to the savior who died for our sins. I don’t think we understand how it must felt for Jesus to take on a human body to be a perfect man and to have ALL OF THE WORLD’S sins on his back. Imagine how it must have felt for him to be getting blamed, beating, and ridiculed for sins that wasn’t his. As children (as well as adults) we couldn’t even take the blame for our siblings or classmates we would give in and tell on them in a minute “so and so did it, it wasn’t me, I’m not about to get in trouble for you” BUT GOD. Jesus took on our sins as if they were his own imagine how he must feel now knowing that we use his name in vain. 

You don’t think you use the Lord’s name in vain? Let me prove you wrong! 

Have you ever prayed with your own preconceived notion? Meaning you went down on your knees knowing that God was going to do something that you not once ASKED if it was his will to fulfill. 

Oh you asked? Okay well how about once you asked and he tell you what he wants from you and you say Not so wrong spirit because you don’t like the assignment you were given. That’s not having trust in God.

You pray and worry at the same time. You always have a backup plan because waiting on God seems to be taken forever. That’s unbelief, You might as well be an atheist because they don’t believe in the word of God. They are full-blown non believers, so are some of us “Christians” who overuse these scriptures but don’t believe in them at all. 


He died for you and me! He showed the greatest love by giving his life WILLINGLY just so our imperfect behinds can receive the gift of salvation. When will we stop with the cliché “God knows my heart” just to remain lukewarm. When will we fully trust God through the trials and tribulations. Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday, and forever more Hebrews 13:8. 

Please I beg of you as well as myself to stop using the Lord’s name in vain and really dig deep into the word get intimate with Jesus love on him the same way he loves on us. Ask him what would he have for you to do and be okay with letting go of any idols, strongholds, or things that’s holding you back. Don’t continue to use the name Jesus as if it’s just a saying there is Power in the name of Jesus. Demons have to bow at the sight of Jesus that is the truth. Jesus has power over demons read Matthew 8:31 “the demons begged Jesus, if you drive us out please let us go into the pigs.” That should show you right there how powerful Jesus is demons were begging my God to go into pigs. So what makes the demons in your life unshakeable ? The only way you can get the demons out of your life and change your situation if you get out of the driver seat and let God take control. We don’t have control over our lives we ruin our lives but God will come into our filthy lives and make us as well as our life clean with the blood of Jesus. 

So please believe in Christ for real don’t say you believe if you don’t and if you don’t believe that Jesus is the Christ who died for you I dare you to let go of the wheel and try God as your driver promise you without a shadow of doubt your situation will change because you allowed Jesus to show himself proof in your life.

My prayer today for all of us is lord please give us a mind to be saved and if we are saved keep us with a mind to stay saved. Let us not forget who you are and what you do. Jesus you are powerful you’re more than blessings. You’re a friend, a lover, a mother, a father, our everything. You change our lives in suddenly if we let you. Lord please forgive us of every sin that committed seen and unseen even the sins we don’t know we’re committing. Please forgive us lord for using your name in vain. For forgetting that you aren’t a man that you shall lie.You’re nothing like us lord we aim to be like you let us remember that. Thank you lord for all things, breath in our body, and the activity of our limbs you’re not a genie who we can just come to when want blessings but you’re our savior and we love you teach us your ways and give us an incredible hunger and thirst for you, your word, and prayer in the mighty name of Jesus AMEN! 

Love you all I pray this message touched you and gave you understanding be blessed guys😘


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