Feeling Discouraged 

Sometimes I feel discouraged because it seems like the more positive I try and be it seems like no one cares to know about Jesus. It seems like you have to be popular or doing something that the world is into in order for them to be interested. God I’m trying to do something for you and it feels like I’m failing. I don’t have a following so who am I helping. God it’s not like I’m looking for the approval of people but I know this is good content and I just feel as though people act like they care but they don’t. People like to see but they don’t like to read. I have to remember that you gave me the vision not others so you will provide it just hurts sometimes to see that people are just full of talk. I just want to be a help to your kingdom so I want stop I’ll keep going. Just being honest with made me feel more of you I thank you for being my encouragement during this time nobody can do me like you can. 


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