Proverbs 3:5-6 Will you trust in the lord?

I’m still wrapped up in my grave clothes but I’m going to trust God and believe. It doesn’t matter what I am going through or how dead my situation looks I’m not giving in to the devil because of what I am going through. What I am experiencing could be for somebody else situation and not for me. God just chose me to experience it for that person. We have to stop focusing on ourselves when we go through things maybe my life is the example for somebody else to be saved.
I took a job volunteering with no pay over a job paying 15 dollars an hour because I trust God! I chose to give up my career and start to write about God where I’m seeing no action, where it seem like no one is listening because I trust in God. I decided to give up on guys I thought I wanted for a man that I did not see because I trust God! Don’t stay in a situation where you’re comfortable but unhappy I can’t live for anybody else anymore I can only live for me. My situation looks so dead to people they can’t understand why I gave up so much for God and it seems to them like God isn’t even moving in my life but he is, my situation looks dead right now for.. you! You meaning the person who doesn’t want to be somewhere but feels pressured to stay because they care what others think or they are looking at their small situation and not our Big God. Jesus was dead to the natural eye but God waited until that very moment when people stopped believing and allowed Jesus to rise up from the dead to show us that no situation is dead. Sometimes you have to give up the things you think you want for the things that you never thought you could have. Stop selling God short watch my journey God will make a believer out of somebody I look as though I’m down right now but God will bring my situation back to life and my life will be an example. Don’t choose a road because it is easy, Chose God because he is great. What does God say about your life?  I want his perfect will for all of our lives not his permissive will. God’s permissive will is when you ask God for small things that you think you want and later on you discover you didn’t want that at all. For example you ask God to pay your rent for a month instead of saying pay my home off in full or you ask God to let work for someone else’s business instead of asking God to own your very own business. God’s perfect will is when you make it to places you weren’t properly trained to be, it’s where God has completely blown your mind beyond measures. Now you have tapped into his perfect will, he will give you the desires of his heart now instead of your heart. Meaning your heart and God heart is aligned with each other. Now you have the same desires and wants as God. He can now put you where he designed you to be because you gave up your wants and decided to trust Jesus.

No situation is dead. Yes I go through rocky times where I don’t trust God and he reminds me of who he is. While on the journey God has provided for me like you will never believe! He gives me money literally I don’t know where it comes from because I don’t have a paycheck anymore and I don’t ask my dad for money I ask my father, God. I ask him for what I want and he supply my every need. I’m telling y’all to try him. In the bible Lazarus was grave yard dead and Martha believed but she only believed in what she saw.  She started to feel the spirit of unbelief when her brother Lazarus became grave yard dead. Her faith kind of went downhill when she started to look at her situation and not at her powerful God. “Lord,” Martha said to Jesus, “if you had been here, my brother would not have died. But I know that even now God will give you whatever you ask.” John 11:21-22. Jesus began to weep not because he didn’t know how he was going to fulfill Martha’s request to heal her brother but because she stopped believing she had “faith” but she didn’t believe she stop trusting God because she looked at her brother being dead and not looking at Jesus being mighty. You have to look at what Martha said though she made sure she announced that “even now” meaning even while I see him dead I will tap into my supernatural spiritual eyes and trust God to change this situation. Even now he still is good and can do all things.
Jesus finally raised Lazarus from the dead after 4 days. He was grave yard dead, Martha even went on to say he was stinking. He had the stench of death all over him but that’s when God comes in and show out. He raises Lazarus from the dead still in his grave clothes (John 11:43) just to show us that even in your dead situations I will bless you. While you’re wrapped up in fear, wearing clothes of deceit, and wrapped in bondage I can still bless you say the lord. No situation is dead when our God is in the mixed so why not trust him to bless your mess. I know I am! I asked to be used so this comes with the territory.  It doesn’t mean I will stay here it means I’m here for a purpose. It’s purpose in my struggle. I decided to trust in the lord while still wearing my grave clothes. No matter how I feel I have a God on my side that will do the remarkable on my behalf. God has been cutting up for real! He has been showing me that if I ask what I want and live my life righteously I could have my expected end. No everyday isn’t easy some days I don’t hear God at all but the teacher is always silent during the test. God wants to see that I can now pass the test with what he has equipped me in. He has taught me things now it’s time to put my faith to the test. Will you trust the lord through the disasters in your life? Will you give up what you see for something that you know God promised you but you have yet to see it? Will you believe in God even if your situation is grave yard dead?
Will you stay with the lord for better and for worst. For richer and for poorer. Will you continue to keep these vows to God even when it seems impossible. Trust in the lord with all thine heart lean not unto thine own understanding but in all thy ways acknowledge the lord and he will direct your path. Proverbs 3:5-6


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