No one likes to be cheated on right?

To physically put your time, effort, and soul into a person just to find out they cheated on you.

Well I cheated!

How does being cheated on make you feel? Worthless, angry, hurt, betrayed… And the list goes on. Well I was once a cheater. Yes I know I’m awful. Guess what? You are a cheater too.

How? I would never cheat on someone I love? I would never hurt someone who has showed me they are loyal?

These are all things we think and say but we are liars! We cheat on God daily we say we love him but we step out of our spritual relationship and fornicate with this world. Yes I went there! We have sex with this world and come home and lay down in the bed with God. We only go to him when we want our wants fulfilled. We only pray when we are in trouble yet Jesus thinks the world of us. He loves us so much he died for us. He was mocked for us. Beaten for us. We say how much we don’t want to be hurt in relationships some even fear being cheated on. Some do all they can to prove to their mate that they are worthy and that they would never cheat or hurt them. What more God? Why can’t we feel this same way about Christ? Why can’t we be intentional about God how he is about us? We can’t say we love him and love this world that’s unheard of you can serve two masters. You know it gets exhausting to cheat. It’s hard to please two different people who both wants your time and energy. One has to go if I were you I would pick the world because everything about is from the enemy. He shows you “nice” thing seem but he don’t show you what you have to go through to get there. You will forever be bound when you are trying to please this world but with Christ you are FREE! No longer will your mind be inprisoned and your soul will be saved. So just like I gave up being a cheater you have to too. If you want to live a free refreshing life then give up your old life. You will become a new creature in Christ who sins will be forgiving. I was once a cheater who loved this world and said I loved Christ also.  I was tired of trying to please both God and the devil so I gave into God because he always had my best interest at heart and I repented and asked for forgiveness of my sins. I wasn’t reminded anymore of that old life because now I am a newborn creature who is happily married to the risen King. I am patiently awaiting the bridegroom I pray you wait with me.


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